Best Chrome Apps

12/17 to 12/18

Top 20 Best Business Apps

#1 Search Engine Marketing Tool - Start Free

104% Growth

Search Engine Marketing Automation & Management Software - For all your SEM needs

537 Users

#2 Reflections on Business

104% Growth

Thought provoking quotes dedicated to the fascinating world of business and industry.

579 Users

#3 bkper

104% Growth

Smart Bookkeeping

747 Users

#4 Automatic Mileage Log Calculator

103% Growth

Automatically create your 2014 mileage log for tax deduction even if you forgot to track business trips during the year.

673 Users

#5 Bizness CRM

103% Growth

Selling to Small Businesses Made Easy

532 Users

#6 Inventory and Accounting Software

103% Growth

It is an online office which helps you to manage your contact, sales, inventory, account and many more.

2,034 Users

#7 B2B Marketplace

103% Growth

EC Plaza, your successful trade partner!

1,228 Users

#8 Capsidea: infographics & business dashboards

102% Growth

We make it easier for SMBs to analyse and visualize data. No integration and coding required

910 Users

#9 RoboCompta - Clic&Tag

102% Growth

Suitable for small businesses, it automatically performs your accounting from the bank statement.

1,226 Users

#10 Jobber - Employee engagement

102% Growth

Jobber is the web application for measuring employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Jobber offers a dashboard andů

1,336 Users

#11 Dominder

102% Growth

Dominder is an all-in-one solution to manage your websites (uptime monitoring, security check, etc.)

649 Users

#12 Zibbra

102% Growth

My Zibbra

555 Users

#13 Coins value

102% Growth

Value in euro dollar and gbp for many international gold and silver coins

657 Users


102% Growth

Video interviewing and digital screening tool

752 Users

#15 Bitcoin Exchange Rates

102% Growth

Bitcoin value today on the major exchanges. Bitcoin rates vs. US Dollar and several other currencies.

1,086 Users

#16 MetaBright Evaluator

102% Growth

Measure the skills of your job candidates, and never waste time in an interview again.

520 Users

#17 Invoice

102% Growth

Create a free invoice in seconds - Free Invoice Generator

760 Users

#18 Sex Offenders

102% Growth

Welcome to InteliGator - Perform Instant Background Checks with InteliGator

2,074 Users

#19 ClicData

102% Growth

Cloud based business intelligence solution.

946 Users

#20 Bambu Cloud

102% Growth

Bambu Cloud is a management software in the cloud. Manage your company through Internet easily and quickly.

1,034 Users

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