Best Chrome Apps

03/04 to 03/05

Top 20 Best Business Apps


103% Growth

Your specialist for modern translation solutions

527 Users

#2 Deposit Calculator

102% Growth

Deposit Calculator online

830 Users

#3 Exchange Rate

102% Growth

Assists you with collecting exchange rate data from different banks.

1,228 Users

#4 PC Rehab's Remote Desktop Support

102% Growth

Computer Repair - Remote Desktop Support - Virus Removal - Speed up your PC - Pop-ups - Malware Removal - Spyware Removal

721 Users

#5 Bookeepa

102% Growth

The super simple app for a household account book keeping.

987 Users

#6 Credible Mobile

102% Growth

Credible Mobile Application for Laptop/Desktop

1,833 Users

#7 Business Analysis Software

102% Growth

Build a forecast for your business, determine the business value, break-even point and optimum price point.

639 Users

#8 Home Finance

101% Growth

Home Loan Amortization with summary, scheduleand graphs/charts.

833 Users

#9 - brainstorm with ease

101% Growth makes brainstorming easy. Create colorful mind maps. Share and work with friends. Email and print your mind map.

19,449 Users

#10 Mortgage Calculator

101% Growth

Use this calculator to compare the costs, interest rates, payment schedules etc.

819 Users

#11 Mortgage Loan Calculator

101% Growth

19 Mortgage Calculator. Use these free mortgage calculators to save money on your home loan today.

755 Users

#12 Podio Google Integration - Spreadsheet Magic

101% Growth

Export your entire Podio Workspaces to Google Spreadsheets automatically, with no clicks (Auto Upload and Download).

764 Users

#13 Gold, Oil, Natural Gas Price

101% Growth

Real Time Graphs of Gold, WTI / Brent Crude Oil, Silver, and Natural Gas Prices. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.

1,574 Users

#14 Fileboard

101% Growth

Free online meeting & screen sharing using a personal url. Fast and easy way to start online meetings, follow ups & track analyt

974 Users

#15 Vidyard

101% Growth

Vidyard hosts your videos, analyzes their effectiveness, and transforms them into powerful marketing tools.See detailed reports

1,227 Users

#16 SlateCRM

101% Growth

Look up the client's number, take notes about the conversation, and schedule your next meeting. All your work done seamless.

518 Users

#17 Live Gold Charts and Prices

101% Growth

Live Gold Prices and Live Gold Charts updated every minute | 24 Hour Spot Gold (Bid) Prices

1,330 Users

#18 Cars, Trucks, Classic Cars, Motorcycles

101% Growth

Auto, Truck, Classic Car and Motorcycle traders by Auto Driver's Club

659 Users

#19 Accounter

101% Growth

Real time online accounting software that gives a snapshot of moneyflowing into and out of accounts.

754 Users

#20 InvoiceOcean

101% Growth

Online invoicing software designed to easily invoice your clients and to save your time.

3,035 Users

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